Our Story

When we first started this Brand we knew that due to a huge desire to eventually go global it was important to have a unique Māori flare to represent our home, our upbringing, and our country. We also wished to have a small and bold name that would represent something much bigger than the name itself. 
The name of our brand refers to our acronym To Ignite your Āhua. In this instance we would define the word āhua as your character, or nature.  We think of the creativity of your makeup as a chance to paint your āhua on your personal canvas. Whether it be a basic day to day look, or Full Glam with a glistening glow of Highlight, a fierce Smokey-Eye, or a show stopping Lip Colour, we want you to join us in believing that every time you pick up your set of brushes you have the ability to paint a unique picture of who you are for everyone around to see. YES! This does mean TIĀ has plenty more products coming your way in the near future.


        Summer Singh (Founder)